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Everything You Need to Know About Deadwood in Your Trees

Everything You Need to Know About Deadwood in Your Trees- Appalachian Tree Service MD

Deadwood is a very common occurrence in trees. If you’ve noticed it in your trees, you may not need to be extremely worried, but there are things you need to know about deadwood and how it impacts your trees. 

What Causes Deadwood?

There are quite a few causes of deadwood in trees. It may be due to fungal colonization, which can hollow out the “heartwood” (inner part) of branches. Damage from storms can be a factor. Some sort of disease could play a role. A lack of sap or a lack of water also may be a cause.

Some trees actually have deadwood as part of their natural growth process. This is mainly seen in trees that grow fast, such as birch, silver maple, and locusts. The reason is that their small interior branches don’t receive enough sunlight, and are not useful enough for the tree to send sap their way.

Deadwood might be common, but it doesn’t mean that it’s healthy for trees that aren’t supposed to have it! If you notice your tree has deadwood where it shouldn’t, you’ll want to get it removed. Here’s why:

Exposure to The Elements

When deadwood breaks off because of a storm or high winds, it exposes the heartwood of the tree. This leaves it vulnerable to insects who want to invade, water to accumulate and result in fungus, and other forms of decay which can eventually turn into trunk rot. Removing it properly will help avoid this exposure.

Causes Liability

Deadwood is weak and likely to fall off, possibly causing property damage or injury to people. By removing the deadwood, you can avoid some potential liability or harm.

Throws off Balance

Both visually and growth-wise, too much deadwood just ruins your tree’s balance! Having deadwood looks pretty bad, and can make your tree seem to lean to one side if it’s concentrated in a specific area.

Further Wind Damage

Too much deadwood hinders the wind’s ability to move through the tree. Without flowing through the tree like wind would normally, instead it slams into the tree and can cause damage and destruction.

Blocks Sunlight

Copious amounts of deadwood blocks sunlight, which in turn harms the tree’s ability to grow fully and properly to its potential. By having deadwood removed, you’ll end up with a more beautiful and healthy tree that can take in all the sun it desires.

Deadwood causes many issues when it’s present in a tree, and removing it will benefit not only the tree’s health but also the aesthetics and safety of your property. If you have a tree that you think has a deadwood problem, contact the professionals at Appalachian Tree Company. We know how to help!

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