Why Should I Hire a Professional for Stump Grinding?

Why Should I Hire a Professional for Stump Grinding? - Appalachian Tree Service MD


We all know how inconvenient a tree stump can be. Not only do they present a hazard while you’re mowing the lawn, but they can also simply be an eyesore in the middle of an otherwise perfect yard. For many, the best option is to get rid of stumps entirely. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of homeowners attempting to do such a task themselves.

Stump removal is a process that is best left to the experts for many reasons. Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a professional for stump grinding:


It Can Be Very Dangerous

Plenty of homeowners think they can remove a stump through good old-fashioned hard work and determination. Maybe they have an uncle with a durable saw or a buddy with a strong truck who both swear they can do it alone. While we admire your tenacity, trying to DIY a stump removal poses significantly more risks than rewards.

Tying rope around the stump and attempting to uproot it with a truck is one of the most dangerous methods you could use for such a job. Not only can it severely damage your vehicle, but all it takes is one bad knot or weak rope for the binds to snap, which could cause severe injury. Even if you do have a hydraulic stump grinder, the risk of losing digits is high for an amateur. It’s simply not worth the risk.


It’s More Complicated Than It Seems

 We’re sure you’re familiar with the phrase “if it were easy, everyone would be doing it,” right?

The fact of the matter is that stumps are extremely stubborn and grinding one for removal is a very difficult task. You’re not just getting rid of the surface problem, but the deep, intricate web of roots underneath, as well. Tree roots are remarkably durable, and some can expand much farther than the branches. Even if you had the world’s strongest saw, it would hardly matter if you couldn’t reach the roots.

Why are roots a problem? Because if you leave them behind, your tree will slowly grow right back. Arborists pinpoint exactly how deep and how far the roots spread, and have the professional tools to get rid of them.


Owning the Proper Equipment

 As mentioned above, a heavy-duty truck and a sturdy power saw aren’t the right tools for a stump removal job. The best-case scenario is you waste a lot of your time trying and failing to get rid of your stump due to improper equipment. The worst-case scenario is much more dire.

You could always purchase the proper tools so that you may remove your stump safely, but the price for said equipment is extremely expensive, much more so than hiring a team of professionals. Then you would also need to consider where you would store such large pieces of machinery, not to mention the time it would take for you to learn exactly how to use them safely.

By hiring a removal service, you’re saving a remarkable amount of money, time, energy, space, and frustration.


Years of Experience & Knowledge

 A lot of homeowners have to deal with unsightly stumps on their lawns at some point. They see it every single day, and the more familiar with it they get, the more they believe they can handle it on their own.

Again, the determination is admirable. However, a majority of homeowners have only had to deal with their one stump. Professional like us here at Appalachian Tree Services deal with countless stumps every year. We’ve ground, dug up, and removed stumps of all sizes, ages, and species, in yards ranging from spacious to cramped. No matter how much you’re familiar with your stump, a professional is much more familiar with the process of removing it.



 Grinding a stump for removal isn’t a clean job. If left to unskilled hands, your lawn could end up looking even worse than before. Woodchips, sawdust, piles of dirt, and one unsightly hole in your lawn could cause a lot of stress to everyone in the household.

Fortunately, the clean-up process is just another part of the job for any reputable removal service. Experts know how to quickly and efficiently rid your lawn of any remnants of wood or roots, and can fill the hole left behind evenly for you to do with as you please. No extra work or stress on your part!

Expert Stump Grinding in Maryland

Stump grinding can be a very frustrating and dangerous job. The experts at Appalachian Tree Service promise to do that job as efficiently, safely, and stress-free as possible.  If you’re looking to get a stubborn stump removed, contact us for a free estimate or consultation today!


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