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When Should I Remove Trees From My Property?: 6 Questions to Ask

When Should I Remove Trees From My Property?: 6 Questions to Ask- Appalachian Tree Service MD


Trees are not only a beautiful part of your property, but they also frequently have additional purposes like shade for your patio, home for your favorite cardinal, or a trusty anchor for a swing. But what about when you think your favorite tree is not as healthy or beneficial to your property as it used to be? It may be time to remove the tree. There are some questions you’ll want to ask about your tree to determine if you need to remove a tree from your property.

Is the Tree Causing Damage to Your Property?

One of the major signs that you need to remove your tree is if the tree is causing damage to your home or other aspects of your property. Sometimes roots can appear and disrupt drainage patterns in your yard, causing flooding issues. Roots that are coming up from the ground also could impact the level of your sidewalk or driveway, making a tripping hazard.

If your tree is causing issues on your property that will put you, your family, or the structures on your property at risk, it is time to contact a professional about removing the tree.

If it’s just a minor inconvenience, like having to clean the gutters more than you’d like, heavily consider the pros and cons of keeping the tree. Some things are worth the beauty of a healthy tree in your front yard!

Are there Signs of Disease in the Tree?

Mainly, check to see if there are any large dead branches, if there is any trunk rot or fungus at the tree’s base, the trunk is hollow or has cavities, there are chips or cracks in the trunk, or the trunk is leaning precariously to one side.

>>Is Your Tree Healthy?>>

If there are any signs of disease in the tree, it would be much smarter to enlist a professional to remove the tree before it dies or gets sick enough to pose a danger to your property and anyone spending time around the tree.

Is the Tree Making Your Property or the Area around It Difficult to Use?

You may have grand plans to build a perfect patio or large deck in the backyard, but that big oak could be sitting right in the middle of your blueprint.

Think about how much of an issue it is. The tree may actually end up being a great focal point for your property! You can build around your tree and have it incorporated into your design, maybe making your deck feel like your very own tree house or acting as a natural umbrella for the front patio.

If the tree is just too stubbornly in the way and is hindering you from achieving the dream you’ve imagined, you’ll need to have the tree removed. It also may need to be removed it is blocking important structures like stoplights or signs on the road.

Will Removing the Tree Benefit the Environment?

Sometimes it may be necessary to remove a tree in order to make the environment around it healthier. It could be a less desirable tree that is blocking out the sun that would help other, more desirable species thrive.

Also, if the tree suffers from a contagious disease or pest, such as the emerald ash borer, removing your one tree could mean preserving many more trees in your area.

Is the Tree a Threat to Your Property?

It’s possible the tree could cause actual harm, not just structural damage, to your property and those on it. Many of the aforementioned issues, especially the health of the tree, could be dangerous in certain situations. For example, a leaning tree that is left alone for too long could fall during a big storm.

If you have any fear that the tree could be a liability and cause harm, it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry and talk to a professional about removing the tree.

Are You Emotionally Attached to the Tree?

Finally, emotional attachment is a real reason to consider keeping a tree. Assuming the tree isn’t going to be a danger to you or your property and is instead simply unsightly or inconvenient, you may be wise to keep it.

Removing a tree is a big decision that involves asking many important questions to make sure you’re doing the right thing for your property. If you’re questioning the safety or usefulness of a tree on your property and need to decide if removing it is your best decision, contact the experts at Appalachian Tree Company. We have professionals who are ready and able to help you make a decision regarding tree removal.

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