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When Should I Remove Trees From My Property?: 6 Questions to Ask

  Trees are not only a beautiful part of your property, but they also frequently have additional purposes like shade for your patio, home for your favorite cardinal, or a trusty anchor for a swing. But what about when you think your favorite tree is not as healthy or beneficial to your property as it used to be? It may be time to remove the tree. There are some questions you’ll want to ask about your tree to determine if you need to remove a tree from your property. Is the Tree Causing Damage to Your Property? One of the…

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Removing Trees: Why Is It Important to Get Rid of Dead or Dying Trees?

  Shade in the spring and summer, beautiful colors in the fall, and a spot for snow to land in the winter. Your trees are staples of your landscaping. But what should you do if something happens to that tree? Unfortunately, you most likely will have to remove it.   How Are Trees Dangerous? Trees can die or become dangerous for many reasons. Be it disease, a storm, high winds, or some kind of natural disaster, a tree that is dead, dying, or unstable is not something you want on your property.  Dead trees can act as sanctuaries for birds…

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