Tree Care Tips

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Christmas Tree

Whether it’s an annual headache or a beloved family tradition, it’s the time of year to pick out a Christmas tree to display in your home. If your household prefers the artificial options, then you’re already halfway done! If you’re more the traditional type, however, then you have quite a few options ahead of you. Fortunately, the extra steps needed to set up a genuine tree are all worth it once it’s up for the whole family to gather around. But exactly what kind of tree do you want to bring home? Here are a few tips on scoring the…

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What’s the Best Way to Store My Firewood?

Storing firewood is an art form in and of itself. After chopping it down and splitting it, it’s tempting to just throw it into a pile and call it a day. To get the absolute most out of your firewood, however, it’s important to follow a few guidelines for stacking and storing.  Here are some tips on how to properly store your firewood.   Keep It Outdoors!  On paper, keeping your firewood stored in your house makes a lot of sense. After all, doing so would protect the firewood from the elements, allowing it all to stay dry right up…

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4 Benefits to Trimming and Pruning Your Trees

 A tree can add a lot to the look of a yard, but it can also cause a few minor headaches if not properly tended to. One of the best ways to care for your tree is to trim and prune it, though depending on its size, this can be easier said than done. A lot of tree owners simply decide to save themselves the hassle and never touch their trees. This can lead to frustrating, expensive, and even dangerous problems in the future. Here are some of the biggest benefits to trimming and pruning your trees. Trimming Actually Promotes…

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Why Should I Hire a Professional for Stump Grinding?

Why Should I Hire a Professional for Stump Grinding? - Appalachian Tree Service MD

  We all know how inconvenient a tree stump can be. Not only do they present a hazard while you’re mowing the lawn, but they can also simply be an eyesore in the middle of an otherwise perfect yard. For many, the best option is to get rid of stumps entirely. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of homeowners attempting to do such a task themselves. Stump removal is a process that is best left to the experts for many reasons. Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a professional for stump grinding:   It Can Be Very Dangerous…

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When Should I Remove Trees From My Property?: 6 Questions to Ask

  Trees are not only a beautiful part of your property, but they also frequently have additional purposes like shade for your patio, home for your favorite cardinal, or a trusty anchor for a swing. But what about when you think your favorite tree is not as healthy or beneficial to your property as it used to be? It may be time to remove the tree. There are some questions you’ll want to ask about your tree to determine if you need to remove a tree from your property. Is the Tree Causing Damage to Your Property? One of the…

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Everything You Need to Know About Deadwood in Your Trees

Everything You Need to Know About Deadwood in Your Trees- Appalachian Tree Service MD

Deadwood is a very common occurrence in trees. If you’ve noticed it in your trees, you may not need to be extremely worried, but there are things you need to know about deadwood and how it impacts your trees.  What Causes Deadwood? There are quite a few causes of deadwood in trees. It may be due to fungal colonization, which can hollow out the “heartwood” (inner part) of branches. Damage from storms can be a factor. Some sort of disease could play a role. A lack of sap or a lack of water also may be a cause. Some trees…

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How to Tell if Your Tree is Dying or Dead

A dying or dead tree can be a hazard to your family and property. You want to make sure you are aware of the signs of a dead or dying tree to avoid any incidents! There are a few ways that you can recognize the signs of a tree that may pose a threat. Cracks & Seams If you notice any vertical cracks or seams on your tree’s trunk, or notice old bark falling off and not being replaced by new bark, this could signify a health issue for your tree. Healthy trees replenish their bark as old bark falls…

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Removing Trees: Why Is It Important to Get Rid of Dead or Dying Trees?

Removing Trees: Why Is It Important to Get Rid of Dead or Dying Trees? - Appalachian Tree Service MD

  Shade in the spring and summer, beautiful colors in the fall, and a spot for snow to land in the winter. Your trees are staples of your landscaping. But what should you do if something happens to that tree? Unfortunately, you most likely will have to remove it.   How Are Trees Dangerous? Trees can die or become dangerous for many reasons. Be it disease, a storm, high winds, or some kind of natural disaster, a tree that is dead, dying, or unstable is not something you want on your property.  Dead trees can act as sanctuaries for birds…

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4 Steps for Checking Tree Health before Summer Storm Season

Summer storms can wreak havoc on even the healthiest of trees. But if you have a tree that you suspect may be diseased, damaged, or dying, summer storms can spell danger for you, your family, and your property, as winds and rains can bring trees crashing down to earth. The best way to prevent summer storm damage from trees is to fix any problematic trees before summer starts.  You don’t need to call a professional right away; you can check your trees for signs of problems on your own. Here are 4 steps for checking your trees’ health before the…

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