Tree Service in Bethesda, Maryland

Tree Service and Removal in Washington DC & Bethesda MD

Stump Grinding, Tree Removal, and more in Montgomery County, MD!

Appalachian Tree Company provides high-quality, professional tree service in Montgomery County, MD.  Well-maintained trees can add significant value to your home and property. However, trees can also become overgrown or diseased if they are not cared for and maintained properly. This can become a serious liability for homeowners.

Our tree service experts in Bethesda, MD can provide all of your tree service needs in a safe and professional manner.

Tree Removal in Bethesda, MD

Our tree experts in Bethesda, MD have years of experience in tree service and care, giving them the ability to properly determine if a tree on your property needs to be removed or not.  If tree removal is necessary, our expert team can remove the tree from your property safely and effectively.

Emergency Storm Work in Bethesda, MD

The tree service professionals at Appalachian Tree Company offer prompt emergency tree service in Bethesda, MD Unpredictable tree emergencies due to wind, thunderstorms, snow, and ice can snap tree limbs, topple entire trees, and cause serious damage.

Tree Pruning, Trimming and Fertilization in Bethesda, MD

The Appalachian Tree Company professionals provide a variety of tree trimming and pruning services in Montgomery County, MD. These services can help the trees on your landscape flourish.

Our tree trimming & pruning services include:

Stump Grinding in Bethesda, Maryland

Homeowners in Bethesda, MD may have a very tough time trying to remove stumps from their properties if they do not possess the proper experience and equipment. Allow our experts to safely and efficiently remove any stumps from your property.

Crane Tree Service in Bethesda, Maryland

The use of cranes are becoming increasingly common for tree removals in Bethesda, MD Cranes are especially helpful for large, hazardous, damaged, or unstable trees that otherwise could not be moved.  If you are concerned that your tree may be unstable or potentially dangerous – contact the experts today!

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If you’re interested in any of our tree services for your home or business in Bethesda, located in Montgomery County MD please call us at 1-888-873-3018, send an email to, or request an estimate.