Are Your Trees Healthy?

Learn from Maryland’s Tree Experts!

Trees bring many benefits to your property, including improved quality of life and better property values. They are also subject to a whole host of elements that can cause damage, including storms, animals, insects, disease, and chemicals.

It can be difficult to tell if your trees truly are healthy. Even something as small as lighter-colored leaves can be a symptom of major underlying problems.

Here are a few tips from our Maryland tree experts to help you determine if you trees are healthy:

Look closely at the color of the leaves.

Are they discolored? Yellowing of leaves can point to problems.

Look closely at the shape of the leaves.

Are they abnormally shaped or extremely small?

Look at the trunk and branches.

Are there any deformed growth areas of the tree?

Explore the entire canopy.

Are there any dying sections?

Examine the surface of the trunk.

Are there mushrooms or cork growing? Is there mold present? This can signify disease in the tree.

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