Tree Pruning & Trimming in MD

Tree Pruning & Trimming performed by the experts at Appalachian Tree Company can help your tree and landscape flourish by addressing a few areas of concern such as safety, structural integrity, and appearance of the trees.

A common problem in many trees is deadwood and dead tips. These can cause serious damage in years to come if they are not properly removed. Tree trimming and pruning can also help with overgrown trees, which are often unsightly and unhealthy. Sometimes trees can also grow too close to homes and powerlines, and low hanging branches can grow into the visibility of drivers on streets. Our tree pruning and trimming services can help with all of these problems.


can protect against storm damage and the danger of falling limbs


can prevent disease and decay from penetrating and infecting other parts of the tree


maximize the beauty of your trees and landscape


ensure that young trees have perfect structural integrity and branch architecture


Crown Cleaning

Selective pruning to remove one or more of the following parts: dead, diseased, and/or broken branches. Usually, all cleaning will be of branches 1″ in diameter or greater throughout the entire crown.

Crown Raising

Selective pruning to provide vertical clearance.

Crown Reduction

Selective pruning to decrease height and/or spread by removing specified branches.

Hazard Reduction Pruning

Selective pruning to remove visibly hazardous branches and limbs.

Overall Restore

Selective pruning to improve the structure, form, and appearance of trees that have been severely headed, vandalized, or damaged.

Crown Thinning

Selective pruning to reduce density of live branches, usually by removing entire branches.

Vista Pruning

Selective pruning to allow a specific view, usually by creating view “windows” through the tree’s crown.

Young Tree Pruning

Selective pruning of branches and limbs in a young tree to ensure that it develops a strong structure and desirable form.

If you are interested in any of these tree trimming and pruning services, please contact us today! We service several counties in Maryland including Frederick, Carroll, Montgomery, Baltimore, Howard and surrounding areas.Call at 1-888-873-3018