Professional Tree Service near Reisterstown, MD

If you’re a homeowner with a tree in your yard, then you understand how important it is for that tree to look as healthy as possible. A tree (or several) should complement the yard as well as the house, not distract from it.

If your tree is in need of trimming or pruning, or if it needs to be taken out altogether, then the team at Appalachian Tree Co. is ready to help! Our experts have been in the tree servicing business for over 25 years, so they know how to handle any tree-related tasks, no matter how big or small!

Tree & Stump Grinding near Reisterstown, MD

For the most part, a majority of adult trees are fairly self-reliant. Unfortunately, if it becomes diseased or infested, it’s only a matter of time before it dies. A dead or dying tree in the middle of a suburban area isn’t just unsightly, but also potentially dangerous.

Prevent dead branches falling onto your car, through your windows, or knocking down power lines by having Appalachian Tree Co. remove them entirely! This process requires a lot of knowledge, reliable machinery, and hard work. Fortunately, with over 25 years of experience and know-how, the team at Appalachian Tree Co. knows how to get the job done safely and efficiently! We also remove stubborn stumps, as well, making your yard even more clean and free of hazards.

Do you have a tree or stump in need of removal? Call the experts today!

Emergency Tree Removal Services in Reisterstown, MD

Even homeowners with the healthiest of trees can’t prepare for every emergency. Harsh winds, thunderstorms, heavy snowfall, and hard rain can all weigh heavily on your trees, which can result in dangerous and expensive damage.

While we truly hope that this doesn’t happen to you, the team at Appalachian Tree Co. is ready to help if emergency tree removal is required. We promise to work swiftly and safely to minimize damage and remove any dangers your home may face.

If you are in need of emergency tree service, don’t wait! Call us immediately at 1-888-873-3018.

Tree Pruning & Trimming near Reisterstown, MD

As one of the big focal points of your yard, your tree should be a source of pride. If it ever becomes too overgrown or unmanageable, it could turn your yard into an eyesore. However, the process of cleaning up your tree can be laborious, or even dangerous without the proper equipment.

Appalachian Tree Co. is here to help make your tree – and your yard – look its best again! We offer crown thinning, young tree pruning, vista pruning, and more! We want to restore your tree to its former glory as best we can!

Pruning and trimming ensure the safety, health, structural integrity, and appearance of your trees and landscape. Trust our team to properly evaluate the care necessary for your trees to guarantee a beautiful yard in the future!

Are your trees causing you to feel unsatisfied with your yard? Contact us for your free estimate today!