Tree Service in Arnold, Maryland

Stump Grinding, Tree Removal, and more!

Appalachian Tree Company offers expertise and years of experience to Arnold, MD in Anne Arundel County. We take pride in our ability to transform properties and increase the value of your home by simply maintaining the health of your trees and lawn. Keeping trees healthy decreases chances of having diseased or overgrown trees that may ultimately result in a serious liability for homeowners.

We offer a wide variety of tree services including removal, pruning, trimming, fertilizing & stump grinding. Our professionalism is what makes us Anne Arundel County’s preferred choice for tree service and lawn care.

Tree Removal in Arnold, MD

Our experienced staff can properly determine if a tree on your property is diseased or too damaged and needs to be removed. Our tree removal process is quick and safe, leaving you with a healthier looking lawn.

Emergency Storm Work in Arnold, MD

Appalachian Tree Company offers prompt emergency tree service to Anne Arundel County, MD. We are prepared to handle limb debris and fallen trees from winter storms, lightening, thunderstorms, high wind and more.

Crane Tree Service in Arnold, Maryland

Crane service is useful when removing severely damaged, hazardous, or unstable trees. Our cranes are used to strap large sections of a tree and then lower to the ground for safe removal.

Stump Grinding in Arnold, Maryland

Attempting to remove stumps from your yard can be potentially dangerous if done without proper experience and equipment. That is why Appalachian Tree Company is here to help you. Our stump grinding process is quick and safe with little to no impact on your property.

Tree Pruning, Trimming and Fertilizing in Arnold, MD

Our tree pruning, trimming, and fertilizing service available in Anne Arundel County, MD is tailored specifically to your lawn and the needs of your property. These services can help the trees on your landscape flourish.

Our tree trimming, pruning, and fertilizing services include, but are not limited to:

If you’re interested in any of our tree services for your home or business in Anne Arundel County, MD please call us at 1-888-873-3018, send an email to, or request an estimate.