Seasonal Tree Service in Baltimore Highlands, MD

When you need tree services, turn to Appalachian Tree Company. Our services include tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding, and lawn care services. If you are looking for a locally owned and operated tree services that offers quality workmanship, customer satisfaction, and a safe work environment – you’ve found us!

Appalachian Tree Service has over 28 years of tree service experience. We currently serve thousands of clients throughout the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

Your trees aren’t just good-looking, they also add value to your property. But to keep your property safe, you’ll want to ensure that your trees are well taken care of and not at risk of falling, cracking, or breaking. Trust the professionals at Appalachian Tree Co. Inc. to spot the trees that need our help! Our experienced arborists can assess and diagnose the trees on your property, as well as develop a plan for proper care or removal if necessary.

We offer a variety of tree services in Baltimore Highlands, Maryland, such as:

Let our experts keep your trees in the best possible condition and your property safe. Contact us today!

Lawn Care Services in Baltimore Highlands, MD

Appalachian Tree Service is proud to recommend Turf Gro for your lawn care needs in the Frederick, Maryland area. Since 1991, Turf Gro has been providing residents with lush and beautiful lawn transformations with as minimal chemicals as possible.

Turf Gro believes in customized care and team results and will work together with you to create a total lawn care program that will achieve your desired results. Turf Gro will carefully monitor and inspect your lawn at each visit to ensure that the program is working.

Lawn Care Services provided by Turf Gro include:

  • Dry, granular fertilizers that provide maximum benefits (slow release root feeding)
  • Crabgrass, insect and grub controls
  • Target weed control
  • Core aeration and over-seeding and slit/slice seeding
  • De-thatching & renovation
  • Environmentally-friendly services, with minimal pesticide usage.
  • State Certified Applicators
  • We use only top-quality products, the very best available
  • Tree and shrub fertilization

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Stump Grinding in Baltimore Highlands, MD

Don’t risk your property and your safety by attempting to remove broken, dead stumps without professional guidance. With stump grinding service from Appalachian Tree Company, you can remove stumps safely, easily, and for an affordable price.

Stump removal frees up space for plants and other landscaping options and is the most efficient and effective way to remove tree stumps.

Learn more about our stump removal services.

Tree Trimming in Baltimore Highlands, MD

Why trim your trees? To keep them looking nice, to keep them healthy, and to keep them safe. By keeping your trees properly maintained and trimmed, you make room for the tree to grow new, healthy branches and leaves, and instead of using its resources to combat disease and pests, it can now develop a healthier root system.

Every spring and fall, your trees will need tending to. At Appalachian Tree Co., we use cranes to reach the difficult areas around your home where trees may need extra attention. They are able to lift and lower heavy pieces of tree in a more efficient way, reducing the risk of further damage to your home or property. We also use heavy-duty cables and straps to allow us to balance and maneuver large sections of a tree so they can be cut into smaller, easy to handle pieces.

At Appalachian Tree Co. Inc., we strive to make the tree trimming and removal as easy and safe as possible for you. We offer our tree trimming services throughout Baltimore Highlands, MD and the surrounding areas. Call us today for your tree trimming estimate!